The STARRTT-form can be used to claim a specific competence in the LEVER-standard. This form guides a volunteer through the process of self-evaluating a competence and helps to provide the kind of evidence that seems appropriate for demonstrating a specific competence effectively acquired.

The form has to be filled in for every competence that is assessed when applying the LEVER-standard.

Starrtt-form for Competence:


Title of Experience


Relevant for (e.g. certification, job-seeking, promotion, etc):


Describe (in short) the situation in which the proof of prior learning was produced by answering the questions below. Attach the actual proofs/evidences linked to the explained experience to every STARRT-form related to each LEVER-competence.


Name of activity and/or context:


Date of the activity:


Situation: describe the occasion and the goal of the activity


Task: describe the exact task you had and your personal role in it. Also describe whether it was a complex task or not, and how you can proof this.


Activities: describe the activity/activities you performed during this task. Be precise on your personal role.


Result: describe the result of the task.


Reflection: reflect on the impact of the result by the different participants (clients, employer, colleagues/etc.). What happened with the result?


Transfer: what was de “learning outcome” for yourself? What would you do the same in a next, similar task and what different? Why?


Tag for other LEVER competences involved: