A digital form is provided to the LEVER assessor for carrying on the official evaluation of the competences, based on the information supported by the portfolio and the related evidences. 

The form indicates for every LEVER-competence:Assessment overview

Section A. The competence description
Section B. The volunteer’s general level based on the EQF scale
Section C. The rates on the competence indicators that act as assessment criteria for this competence.
Section D. The context in which the volunteer acquired the competence.
Section E. The description of the documentation provided with the portfolio.
Section F. The final outcome of the competence assessment, expressed in a brief and textual description.

The OVERVIEW collects the assessment for every competence, that’s, the Level and the final score, calculated as follows:
• If every indicator is sufficient (> 2), then the final score is “fair” or “ good” according to the approximation to 0,5 of the mathematic average
• If any indicator is unsufficient (<= 2) or any one is “not applicable”, then the final score is “to improve”
• If each indicator is “not applicable”, then the final result is “not applicable”, that’s, it can’t be rated.

A Summary assessment can also be included, if useful.

The results of the assessment can be also uploaded in the webtool for an online visualisation at use of the candidate.