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Voluntary service

Labour market

The ability to identify and prioritize problems, measure their impact, analyse potential causes and identify the root ones.
The ability to identify effective improvement/resolution action(s), manage their implementation and verify the achievement of the desired result.

Identifying effective solutions to recover unforeseen issues related to planned events (e.g. weather changes).
Being able to recover possible problems during the deployment of activity organisation.

Understanding the problems/issues and being able to evaluate their impact on the business in order to prioritize the improvement activities.
Seeing how a problem and its solution will affect other units.
Weighing alternatives against objectives and arriving at reasonable decisions.
Working to eliminate all processes/issues which do not add value.
Willing to take action, even under pressure, criticism or tight deadlines.
Analysing current procedures for possible improvements.


  • Examples of solved problems
  • Knowledge of problem solving basic tools
  • Statements of colleagues
  • Case/story telling