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Voluntary service

Labour market

The ability to create an interpersonal connection, by consciously or spontaneously using oral, written and digital means of communication, appropriate with the context.

The ability to pay attention to people, to listen to, to understand their needs and expressions.

Dialogue with people of different age, culture, social condition during the care activities.

Interaction, discussion, negotiation with people inside and outside the organisation during promoting and dissemination actions (families, external interlocutors, local policy makers...)

Presentation of proposals, projects or results to a wide range of audience such as the general public, managers, external stakeholders, etc.

Written reporting coherently with the addressed target such as internal team, manager and clients.

Negotiation sessions to make any arrangement (i.e. work meeting; official agreement with partners).

Proper and effective internal communications with peers.


  • Reports, letters, etc.
  • Digital products
  • Videos
  • Presentations