This is a preparation step where a Portfolio is usually produced. Apart from an optional description of other work experience and diplomas, the portfolio is filled with evidences which demonstrate the LEVER competences acquired.

Statements from employers, professional products, references, papers or photos undeniably show the existence of certain competences. The Portfolio provides a complete and detailed overview. Evidence is sometimes aimed at valuation, in other cases at personal profiling.

The participant compiles the portfolio him/herself, with or without help.

The LEVER webtool allows people to upload the main important portfolio information so that to carry on , if wanted, the following phase of assessment in a remote way. This phase takes into account the assessment criteria that are transparently declared for each LEVER competence and that will be used for the eventual following evaluation.

The portfolio, so to say, is on the one hand both the starting as well as the end point of the individual learning process (portfolio-loop).