The content of the portfolio is being valued or assessed. That is the crucial element because without this a person can only partially become co-maker of his/her personal development.

It can follow the local/national procedure if already existing. The LEVER procedure is designed to highlight a common basis of assessment criteria and scales for each LEVER competence in order to guarantee a transparent and objective evaluation, irrespective of the country where it is carried out. This guarantees a mutual-understanding and recognition of all that is assessed.

The assessment usually takes place by criterion based desk analysis and, if needed, interviews and face-to-face assessment. Assessors compare the competences of an individual with the reference standard. His/her learning path followed is unimportant, only the results count.

This phase results in either a validation on an organisational, sector or national level in the form of certificates, diplomas or career moves, or in a valuation in the form of an advice on career-opportunities.
In case of already existing national standards and process, the phase will follow the procedures set locally in terms of actors involved and activities required. The LEVER process assures the compliancy with a shared transnational frame in terms of competences claimed and main phases carried on.

After this phase, the retrospective part of the VPL-process is concluded. The next phases concentrate on the prospective power of VPL.